DVD Geeks – September 16, 2014

Twin Peaks - The Complete Mystery

Twin Peaks – The Entire┬áMystery

What’s that? You’ve missed DVD Geeks? Well… we’re back!

The semi-irregular, discount rx periodic look at all that’s cool in home media on DVD, Blu-ray and streaming, DVD Geeks has come in from the heat wave to settle in front of the TV for some quality viewing.

This episode: if you were a TV viewer in the early ’90s with an appreciation for the strange, the quirky, the artistic and the tragic, then you probably watched (and loved) “Twin Peaks” from co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost. CBS Digital has finally given the show its due with a glorious HD treatment in the new Blu-Ray package “Twin Peaks – The Entire Mystery.” We talk the series, the movie and all the bonus features.

We’ll also look at the fascinating and sometimes tragic story of one of Hollywood’s most beautiful stars, Susan Oliver, in the new documentary “The Green Girl.” Oliver was a fixture on TV screens throughout much of the ’50s and ’60s, and this film unveils some of the secrets of her personal life. We’re thrilled to welcome filmmaker George Pappy this week to discuss the making of his tribute.

Gearing up for Halloween, we reminisce about Brian DePalma’s 1974 horror/rock oddity “The Phantom of the Paradise” now out on a super-deluxe Blu-Ray package from our friends at Scream Factory. All that plus honorable mentions and so much more… welcome back everyone!

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