DVD Geeks – July 25, 2013

The Call

Halle Berry in The Call

In our post Comic Con haze, psychiatrist we whipped up a show with some of the more intriguing titles to be released in the last few weeks. We start off with the big-screen Halle Berry vehicle “The Call” about a 911 operator who helps track down a kidnapped girl.

Next, viagra we look at the French Canadian comedy “Starbuck” in which a sperm donor is hit with the news that he fathered 533 children – and 142 of them want to know who he is! It’s a bizarre but heartfelt story in a blue-collar setting with some outstanding performances.

Finally, viagra 60mg we celebrate the release of two long-awaited comedies on Blu-ray. Shout! Factory has brought us John Landis’ “Kentucky Fried Movie” and Mel Brooks’ “The Producers.” In “Kentucky Fried Movie,” we get a taste of fast-paced sketch comedy from the ’70s, and in “The Producers” we get Mel Brooks’ hilarious feature-film debut in all its ’60s glory.

All those plus some great honorable mentions that run the gamut from classic TV to modern horror!

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