DVD Geeks – June 21, 2013

Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas

We’re being CRASHED!

On this special episode of DVD Geeks, more about we welcome Chris Gore – he of “Film Threat” and “Attack of the Show” fame – to sit in and crash our regular DVD reviews.

You’ll hear the three of us talk about our love of cheesy sci-fi, medications argue over the merits of some new horror and praise of one of the year’s woefully overlooked large-scale epics.

“Lifeforce” from Tobe Hooper introduced us to a stark-naked space vampire who turned most of London into energy-sucking zombies. We’ll see if the new Blu-ray release from Shout! Factory of this 1985 cult film helps it stand up to modern scrutiny.

We’ll also argue over the 26 individual episodes that make up “The ABCs of Death.” It’s a collection of 26 directors doing their thing to make a horror anthology with each episode interpreted through a single letter. Some work, about it some don’t. We’ll tell you which is which. If you can’t wait, you can even have a look at Chris’ re-arranged ranking for the 26 short films here.

Chris Gore

Chris Gore

Finally, we really want to talk you in to seeing “Cloud Atlas.” It’s science fiction on a grand scale – occupying six distinct time periods – and it investigates the big issues: friendship, freedom, love, revolution. People stayed away from the box office, but we want you to get this on DVD or Blu as soon as you can.

All that plus our weekly Geek Picks, and don’t forget: we’ll be back with PART II of our collaboration with Chris Gore in a couple of days!

Chris Gore can be reached at his personal web site and at Podcrash.

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