DVD Geeks – June 17, 2013

We love diversity in a DVD collection.

We sure hope you do too, erectile because this week we get to expose you to a seriously diverse collection from heady, case political sci-fi to modern, information pills R-rated slapstick comedy. Hold on…

“Identity Thief” may not have been marketed to appeal to those of us who like a little more thought in our comedy, but we have to admit that it surprised us. Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman team up in a cross-country road trip that owes a little to “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” but definitely has a darker streak.

Next, we take on two remarkable releases from Criterion Collection. “H.G. Wells’ Things To Come” is a socio-political piece of Utopian fiction designed to point mankind in the direction away from war and toward peaceful scientific exploration. It’s a visually stunning masterpiece from the black & white era of sci-fi film.

Finally, “Safety Last” may be the best known of silent-era comedian Harold Lloyd. In this restored Blu-ray from Criterion, we get to revisit Lloyd’s genius with stunts, special effects and photography that 90 years later can still make us gasp. There are special features galore, and we hope you’ll enjoy this treasure as much as we did.

Much more this week with Honorable Mentions and a special shout out to our upcoming guest, Chris Gore!

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