DVD Geeks – May 7, 2013

Silver Lining's Playbook

Silver Lining’s Playbook

As we enjoy doing so often here at DVD Geeks, nurse we bring you a new episode that runs the gamut from ’70s schlock to a modern Oscar winner.

Any kid who knew his way around a cable box in the ’80s was sure to have come across these two gems more than once. First, recipe we’ve got “Futureworld,” the follow-up to the hit “Westworld.” In the second outing to Delos, Peter Fonda and Blythe Danner play reporters who discover the deadly secrets of this adult theme park. Next, we’ll take our time machine to the old west long before Marty McFly gets there. In “Timerider,” Fred Ward plays Lyle Swann, the motorcycle star who finds himself whisked back to the 1880s where he’s got to navigate gun-toting bandits and a seductive woman who may just play a part in his future.

For a delightful diversion, we’ll look at “Dirk Gently,” the holistic detective created by the late Douglas Adams and starring “Episodes” alum Stephen Mangan. Then we’ll look at the outstanding cast of Oscar nominees (and winners!) and “Silver Lining’s Playbook.”

Finally, we’ll see if the hype matches the movie when “John Dies At the End.” All that plus our Honorable Mentions, Televixen’s “Geek Pick” and more!

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