DVD Geeks – March 26, 2013

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

There’s a whole lot of DVD and Blu-ray goodness in this episode. We’re rounding up a couple weeks of new and notable releases, try and we may as well start with a classic celebrating its 25th anniversary with a brand-spanking new Blu-ray release: “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.” If you’ve always wanted to see Jessica in HD, physician now is your chance. There’s also a ton of special features to further illuminate the process of creating this groundbreaking film.

Next up, we’ll look at the slice-of-life drama “Smashed” that tackles alcoholism in a personal coming-of-age story. We’ll also look at the surreal “Holy Motors” and the unreal 1957 SciFi classic “The Blob” (now out on Blu-ray in a fabulous special edition from Criterion).

James Bond is back in “Skyfall,” and we could not resist talking about the movie and all the goodies included on this very thorough Blu-ray edition. Finally, we look at the on-screen pairing of Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman in the Academy Award nominated “The Master.”

All those plus our weekly Honorable Mentions and more!

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