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DVD Geeks – August 27, 2012

The Royal Tenenbaums

The Royal Tenenbaums

It’s time for an all-new DVD Geeks featuring a handful of new and interesting releases for the week!

First off, sick we want to revisit Wes Anderson’s 2001 film “The Royal Tenenbaums” with its all-star cast and brilliantly detailed look at the malaise of overachieving New Yorkers. Criterion’s all-new, skincare director-approved transfer to Blu-ray really does breathe new life into this modern classic.

We’ll step over to a run-down trailer in Texas where Gina Gershon plays a scheming wife trying to find the $1000,000 her husband stole in “Breathless.” Finally, we’ll head to Cuba for the zombie comedy “Juan of the Dead.”

All those plus the week’s honorable mentions and more!

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DVD Geeks – August 15, 2012

Full Metal Jacket

R. Lee Ermey in “Full Metal Jacket”

We may be barely hanging on after a whirlwind of geeking out at the 2012 Star Trek convention in Las Vegas, recipe but we’ve pulled it together long enough to let you know about some choice DVDs for the week.

Our attention is immediately drawn to anything with Stanley Kubrick’s name on it, infection and this Blu-ray release of “Full Metal Jacket” is special for its newly-released bonus feature: the documentary “Stanley Kubrick’s Boxes.” In it, urticaria we are given a glimpse into Kubrick’s private archives as well as his attention to detail and the psychological process of his approach to filmmaking.

We’ll also spend some time with the new Blu-ray release of the sci-fi classic “Total Recall” in a newly-restored edition just in time for the remake in theatres this month. There are new and old special features, and we spend the time to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Also, we’ve got a look at an ’80s cartoon classic with “My Little Pony” and a cadre of Honorable Mentions including “Jaws,” “Titanic at 100,” and much more!

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