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DVD Geeks – June 26, 2012

The Aggression Scale

Ray Wise in “The Aggression Scale”

It’s not all fun and games here at DVD Geeks. Every now and then we’re the unfortunate recipients of some movies that might be better off in the dustbin of history. But we watch them so you don’t have to! (And we’ll redeem ourselves with a couple of good titles this week too!)

Our friends over at The Asylum regaled us two new movies this month: an alien flick and a T&A skinfest. In “Alien Origin, visit web ” we’re treated to an expedition in the jungles of Belize that reveals we are not alone. In “Bikini Spring Break,” we’re treated to another kind of expedition when a group of marginally-talented (but hot!) marching-band members try to make their way cross country. Which B-movie comes out on top?

Next, we’ll see the latest contender to attempt to take the office cult-movie crown from “Office Space.” In “Demoted,” David Cross is the world’s worst boss who takes out his vengeance on a couple of hot-shot sales dudes. He demotes them to the secretarial pool, and hilarity is supposed to ensue.

We’ll take a detour to the early ’80s with a Boy George biopic “All About The Boy,” and then we’ll wrap things up with an intriguing home-invasion thriller “The Aggression Scale.” It reunites a couple of “Twin Peaks” cast members, and introduces a very unlikely hero.

All that plus the weekly Honorable Mentions and more!

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DVD Geeks – June 19, 2012

Charlie Chaplin in The Gold Rush

Charlie Chaplin in “The Gold Rush”

Four great picks this week for your viewing pleasure! We start off with a Charlie Chaplin classic (once silent, mycoplasmosis then converted to a “talkie”) lovingly restored by Criterion. The Blu-ray release of “The Gold Rush” showcases Chaplin at his finest with pathos and spectacular special effects. This disc contains the 1925 silent version as well as Chaplin’s preferred 1942 sound-enhanced release. We’ll see which one holds up the best.

Next up, two “Friends” stars shine in quirky cable-TV releases. First, Matt LeBlanc’s Golden Globe winning performance in “Episodes” explores the pitfalls that occur when a hit British show is Americanized. Next, we’ll check in with self-appointed therapist Fiona Wallice, as portrayed by Lisa Kudrow, in the darkly bizarre “Web Therapy.”

Finally, the streets are tough in “The FP” (Frazier Park), but the underground dance scene is tougher. In one of the strangest yet most earnest dark comedies we’ve ever seen, the rival gangs of the FP fight for dominance in the only way they know how: mastering the art of “Beat, Beat Revelation” (not to be confused with Dance, Dance Revolution which is *totally* different).

All that plus the week’s Honorable Mentions and more!

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DVD Geeks – June 12, 2012

Hell on Wheels

Hell on Wheels

After our self-imposed mini-hiatus, gerontologist DVD Geeks is back with a roundup of cool new titles and a focus on three featured releases.

First up, dosage we explore the curious world of “Albert Nobbs.” Glenn Close was nominated for and Academy Award for her portrayal of a woman in 19th century Ireland living life publicly as a man. “Albert” attempts to reconcile his secrets with his need for simple human relationships and a purpose in life.

Next up, we’ll see if comedian Ray Romano can create a buddy road-movie documentary as popular and well-received as his hit sitcom.

Finally, there’s a gritty new western in town: “Hell on Wheels.” In the months immediately after the Civil War, as tensions are still at a staggering high, the nation attempts to come together and force industry out west through the transcontinental railroad. It’s a story of personal revenge, questionable morality and industrial revolution.

Join us for those as well as an awesome collection of Honorable Mentions!

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