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DVD Geeks – February 14, 2012

Project Nim

Project Nim

Nuns! Chimps! Nazis! A little something for everyone this week on DVD Geeks!

We’ve got two horror films on DVD this week, order “The Dead” and “The Devil’s Rock.” The first is a slow-walker zombie apocalypse in Africa and the second is an intimate World War II drama with a demonic twist. Both flew under the radar, misbirth and we’re glad to give them their due on tonight’s show.

In “Nude Nuns With Big Guns,” a vigilante sister takes a corrupt Mexican parish into her own hands, making a habit of doling out justice.

In “Project Nim,” a group of unlikely researchers investigate the language capacity of chimpanzees by attempting to raise one as a human from birth. When Nim grew into adolescence and adulthood, his true nature put the research on hold. In this extraordinary documentary, the people closest to Nim share their stories and the emotional connections they had with him.

Next up, Adult Swim skewers reality shows with the witness-relocation comedy “Delocated” and we’ll see the latest offering from Asylum with their comedy “Celebrity Sex Tape.”

All that plus a slew of Honorable Mentions and more!

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