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Special episode – LOGAN’S RUN!

Logan's Run

Logan’s Run

As the Arclight Cinema in Hollywood celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Cinerama Dome, symptoms they’ve pulled out all the stops by running a series of classic films alongside illuminating Q&A sessions.

In 1976, caries “Logan’s Run” premiered at the Cinerama Dome, and the Arclight presented a special evening on October 29, 2013 that included the film’s star, Michael York, in a lively audience discussion.

Your DVD Geeks – along with special guests Chris Gore, Mary Forrest and Jay West – attended the screening and couldn’t hold back from a deep discussion about the film’s central issues and how it holds up nearly 40 years later. We also got a little off track and let loose with some of our more primal observations. If DVD Geeks is a “family appropriate” show, this episode is definitely not. But Logan’s Run was always sci-fi that talked about adult themes, and we didn’t want to pull our punches. This one gets the EXPLICIT tag. You’ve been warned.

Michael York

Michael York “Logan 5”

Special thanks to our guests, the Arclight for letting us sit in their cafe for so long, and to the fine people at Vintage Los Angeles for helping to pull it all together.

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Geek Picks with Chris Gore



He’s back!

Chris Gore sat in on the last episode of DVD Geeks, ed and we couldn’t let him go. In this very special episode, viagra dosage Chris hangs around to share some of his Geek Picks with us.

We’ve got a seriously weird puppet movie with “Live Freaky, Die Freaky” and a seriously weird comedy about air drumming (yes, you read that right) with “Adventures of Power.”

Chris also introduced us to one of the strangest low-budget sci-fi films we’ve ever seen, “The American Astronaut.” It’s as if David Lynch did a space truckers movie… with music and dancing. We kid you not.



Finally, what may be the smartest, sexiest send up of exploitation movies we’ve ever seen, “Viva” hits all the right notes. If you put this on your DVD player and don’t warn your guests, they’ll think you simply hit the jackpot in finding the weirdest relic from 1972. It’s not, though. It’s a masterfully crafted homage to natural bodies and macrame in one of the most quotable movies in years.

All that plus Mary tries her first Space Food Stick! Join us for DVD Geeks, and join Chris Gore on Podcrash!

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DVD Geeks – June 21, 2013

Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas

We’re being CRASHED!

On this special episode of DVD Geeks, more about we welcome Chris Gore – he of “Film Threat” and “Attack of the Show” fame – to sit in and crash our regular DVD reviews.

You’ll hear the three of us talk about our love of cheesy sci-fi, medications argue over the merits of some new horror and praise of one of the year’s woefully overlooked large-scale epics.

“Lifeforce” from Tobe Hooper introduced us to a stark-naked space vampire who turned most of London into energy-sucking zombies. We’ll see if the new Blu-ray release from Shout! Factory of this 1985 cult film helps it stand up to modern scrutiny.

We’ll also argue over the 26 individual episodes that make up “The ABCs of Death.” It’s a collection of 26 directors doing their thing to make a horror anthology with each episode interpreted through a single letter. Some work, about it some don’t. We’ll tell you which is which. If you can’t wait, you can even have a look at Chris’ re-arranged ranking for the 26 short films here.

Chris Gore

Chris Gore

Finally, we really want to talk you in to seeing “Cloud Atlas.” It’s science fiction on a grand scale – occupying six distinct time periods – and it investigates the big issues: friendship, freedom, love, revolution. People stayed away from the box office, but we want you to get this on DVD or Blu as soon as you can.

All that plus our weekly Geek Picks, and don’t forget: we’ll be back with PART II of our collaboration with Chris Gore in a couple of days!

Chris Gore can be reached at his personal web site and at Podcrash.

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DVD Geeks – February 28, 2013

Sushi Girl

Sushi Girl

We hope you’re hungry. This week, population health we’ve got two movies that celebrate the fine art of dining on raw fish.

Before that, dosage though, information pills we do need to get a little serious. Each year 13 million kids are bullied at school, and in 2011 the envelope-pushing movie “Bully” set out to shed some light on this despicable phenomenon. We look at the movie, the controversy surrounding it and the newly packaged Blu-ray release with a host of special features.

Next up, when a diamond heist goes bad, one unlucky criminal takes the fall. Six years later, the whole gang is back together to figure out what happened to the diamonds. The centerpiece for their dinner party? A beautiful woman draped only in sushi. She’s “Sushi Girl,” and this is an intense new indie film with a killer cast and a great sense of character. We’ve got two of those characters on our show as well! We welcome James Duval and Andy Mackenzie to dish on how “Sushi Girl” came together and on how it was to work with a childhood hero, Mark Hamill.

We’re still hungry for more, though, and we’ll tell you all about “Dead Sushi,” a weird, hilarious, gory Japanese film about sushi that bites back.

Finally, we’ll take a look at “Jack & Diane,” a psycho-sexual drama about two young women in an intense but strained relationship. Riley Keough and Juno Temple star as the title characters – oh, and did we mention there’s a hideous monster created by Diane’s psyche? Yeah, there’s that too.

All that plus the week’s Honorable Mentions and much, much more!

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DVD Geeks – July 28, 2012

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek: The Next Generation

DVD Geeks is a show where we wear our biases loud and proud for everyone to see. On this “very special episode, physician ” we’re waving our geek flag high and spending an abnormally long time reviewing a single release: “Star Trek: The Next Generation” Season 1 on Blu-ray.

Why? Well, more about it’s a huge technical achievement first of all, and second we just couldn’t wait to see if we could prove ourselves wrong with the malaise that had set in about TNG’s retro-uncool ’80s veneer. Does the show really hold up, or is it best delegated to the nostalgia bin?

We dig deep into a few choice episodes, but we also talk about all those snazzy new special features. We even got to sit down with Roger Lay, Jr. who directed and co-produced the monumental special features. Trust us – this feature-length look at TNG will make those early DVD release special features seem like a sad old memory.

There are a few minutes for “Honorable Mentions” this week as well so you can detox from Trek when you’re good and ready.

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DVD Geeks – March 20, 2012



In the zombie-road-trip-buddy-comedy “Deadheads, site ” Brent is helping his friend Mike track down the girl who broke his heart three years ago. The only complication is that they are both dead and being chased by a nefarious government agency planning to keep the dead from walking around amongst the living. We welcome special guests directors Brett and Drew Pierce along with co-star Natalie Victoria for an inside look at this indie favorite.

We also have a look at the torrid life of French musician Serge Gainsbourg in the fantasy biopic “Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life.” Featuring a delightful jazz and pop soundtrack along with some of the screen’s most beautiful women, decease “Gainsbourg” is a spectacle of sensuality in recounting the boundary-pushing mid-century Paris.

In “The Descendants,” George Clooney stars as a man who is facing the loss of his wife who was carrying on an affair. ┬áDuring the turmoil, he reconnects with his essentially estranged daughters and tries to track down his wife’s lover. It’s a smart blend of tragedy and real-world comedy set in beautiful Hawaiian locations.

Finally, we see how the universe formed and what led life to its present state: from bacteria to dinosaurs, from amoeba to humanity. A&E presents “A History of the Universe in Two Hours.”

All that plus more – it’s an all new DVD Geeks!

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DVD Geeks Interview – Phil Leirness

Phil Leirness

"The Truth Is Out There" director Phil Leirness

Well it’s about time! A few weeks ago, hygiene we reviewed a captivating little indie gem called “The Truth Is Out There” featuring the talented team-up of Phil Leirness and Dean Haglund. The movie exposes all the strange (and maybe not-so-strange) conspiracy theories that people of all walks of life hold: aliens, global burden of disease pharmaceutical companies, 9/11, etc. and along the way host Haglund looks on with wide-eyed fascination to uncover this essentially human pursuit to make sense of the world around us.

We sat down recently with director Phil Leirness who is not only one of the best-dressed men in Hollywood but also happens to be a DVD bonus features producer of some repute. We got to talk about the journey of making “The Truth Is Out There,” the conspiracies, the featurettes and what is probably the greatest line in film history.

Join us for this special (uncut extended director’s edition!) interview, and be sure to pick up “The Truth Is Out There.”

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DVD Geeks Interview – Richard Patterson

The Gentleman Tramp

"The Gentleman Tramp" directed by Richard Patterson

As we’re celebrating the release of Criterion’s Blu-ray of Charlie Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator, herpes ” DVD Geeks sat down with filmmaker Richard Patterson to talk about his film “The Gentleman Tramp.” Released in 1976, discount “The Gentleman Tramp” features intimate at-home footage of Chaplin while telling his biography through film clips and narration from his friends.

Patterson talks to us about “The Great Dictator” as a slice of Chaplin’s career and about being one of the only people on Earth who “directed” the comic genius.

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DVD Geeks Interview – Devin McGinn


Devin McGinn

Devin McGinn of "The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu"

DVD Geeks’ own Televixen talks to writer, discount actor, sildenafil co-producer of “The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu” about the perils and freedoms of producing an independent film plus the reactions of Lovecraft fans (and non-fans) to his movie.

McGinn dishes on what he’s geeky about – from Krull to The Muppets to gaming. Yes, he’s also in a movie about LARPers – this one called “Unicorn City.”

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DVD Geeks Interview – AJ Bowen

AJ Bowen

AJ Bowen in "The Signal"

In this week’s episode, look we reviewed Adam Green’s “Hatchet II” which features actor AJ Bowen in one of his many stints in the horror genre. Bowen talked to our own Televixen about working on “The Signal” and “The House of the Devil.” We also learn the nitty-gritty details about shooting the infamous sex scene in “Hatchet II” as well as Bowen’s deep geek-love for a certain “Untouchable” actor.

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